As well as our extensive gin menu from producers around the world, we also have a fully stocked bar of premium spirits, wine and bottled beers.

Our Gin Menu

Prices include Fever Tree mixer as standard

Bombay Sapphire – heavily flavoured breakthrough style.

Little Bird – grapefruit, orange, ginger & 7 other botanicals.

Steam Punk – small batch gin using seven botanicals.

East London Liquor dry -Infused with lemon & grapefruit.

Forest Dry Autumn – With pear lavender and tangerines.

Sacred Grapefruit – Made with pink grapefruit.

Tanqueray 10 – An array of unique aromas.

Filliers 28 Tangerine – 28 botanicals including Valencia Tangerines

Bloom – Big floral botanicals.

Silent Pool – With 24 botanicals carefully chosen for their uniqueness.

Jinzu – British with a Japanese twist of Yuzu & cherry blossom.

Geranium LDG – Danish aromatic gin.

Caorunn -Scottish gin, expertly infuses five locally foraged gin botanicals.

T.E.A Jasmine – Premium, hand-crafted gin, with highest quality Jasmine tea.

Aviation –Distilled in Portland, Oregon from an adventurous blend of spices from around the world.

Pothecary – Lavender heavy gin, made in Dorset by Soapbox Spirits, a new distillery formed of friends Lukasz Dwornik and Martin Jennings.

Buss No. 509, White Rain – Richly flavoured Hot & Heavy, with lots of herbs & spices.

Oxley – One of the first gins credited in using the cold (vacuum) distillation technique, is a must-try in the super premium gin category.

Koval – Koval is the first distillery in Chicago, IL since Prohibition.

The Botanist – Isley gin,31 botanicals, 22 native to the Island.

Liverpool Rose – Combines the timeless decadence of rose petals to create a drink full of romance, with a tenderly fragrant nose

William Chase Elegant – Made from scratch using rare varieties of apples from our 300 year old biogani.

Monkey 47 – Unusual German gin: distilled with 47 botanicals.

Sipsmith – Expression of a classic London Dry Gin. Bold, complex and aromatic.

Hoxton – Coconut and grapefruit gin from Gerry Calabrese.

Hendricks – New wave UK gin infused with rose petal and cucumber.

Kew – An organic gin that’s the result of a partnership between The Royal Botanic Gardens.

Buss No. 509 Peach – Fresh and sweet flavour with a hint of peach; Made with fresh Persian peach fruits.

Buss No. 509, Raspberry – Made with fresh raspberries, finest spices & a premium spirit.

Warner Edwards Rhubarb – Queen Victoria favourite & one of ours! Made to the original recipe.

Rock Rose – Scottish spirit handcrafted by Dunnet Bay Distillers in Caithness using locally foraged botanicals.

Mombassa Club Strawberry – Mombasa Club Strawberry Edition is a bright and fruity gin which is triple-distilled and flavoured with real strawberries.

Origin Italy -A single-botanical gin from the Origin range, made with juniper grown in Apecchio, Italy.

Origin Croatia –A single-botanical London Dry Gin from the Origin range, made using juniper from Mazin, Croatia.

Origin Albania – A single botanical gin from the Origin range, made with juniper which was grown in Bizë, Albania.

Fifty Pounds – Descendants of pioneering master distillers from 1700’s.

Martin Millers -Martin Miller’s gin is distilled in pot stills and shipped to Iceland, where it is mixed with Icelandic spring water.

Beefeater –Beefeater London Dry Gin was first made in 1820 by James Burroughs. It is still, to this day, made to the same recipe.

Four Pillars – They started distilling in the Yarra Valley in late 2013 and produced a striking dry gin that is ‘modern Australian’ in style.

Copperhead -Copperhead Gin is a Belgian expression, made with a selection of five botanicals – Juniper, Cardamom, Orange peel, Angelica and Coriander.

Opihr -Opihr gin is an intensely-flavoured, cardamon-heavy gin which strays far from the traditional juniper-led flavour profile.

Plymouth – Plymouth Gin is synonymous with the spirit of discovery & is recognised as the gin of choice for many gin enthusiasts and bartenders around the globe.

Prof. Ampleforth’s Bathtub – Old school gin made by macerating a classic botanical mix in pot distilled spirit.

Gin del Professore Madame – A floral, fruity gin from the Gin del Professore produced by the Jerry Thomas Project in Rome.

Mombassa Club – Enriched with botanicals like cassia, coriander, caraway, cloves and juniper berries; Gin shines with an excellent balance of sweet and spicy aromas

Deaths Door – Another arrival from the US, where specialist gins made in microdistilleries across the country have really invigorated what was a previously moribund category.

East London Batch 1 -Batch 1 is made with botanicals including juniper berries, coriander seeds, cassia bark, angelica root, darjeeling tea.

Portobello 171 -On the front of the palate Portobello Road Gin has a generous slug of juniper, the mid palate has a sustained, fresh citrus character.

Audemus Pink Pepper -Fresher, spicy notes of pink pepper, juniper and cardamom are prominent; On the palate the gin is full-bodied and intensely aromatic.

Dodd’s –Dodd’s Gin is an elegant and delicious gin made from a variety of botanicals, including juniper and honey

Japanese Gin – Made with yuzu, shiso, sansho pepper & sesame.

Porters – Porter’s Gin is made at the first distillery in Aberdeen in more than a century. Made using 12 botanicals including pink peppercorn, orris root and Buddha’s hand.

Tanqueray Old Tom –Tanqueray have revived founder Charles Tanqueray’s 1835 recipe of Old Tom Gin – a classic sweeter style of gin.

Boudier Saffron – Saffron Gin comes from a recipe rediscovered in the Boudier archives. Saffron Gin is the result of an alliance between Great Britain for its London Dry Gin.

Jensens Old Tom – A complex, intensely flavoured gin that’s a recreation of an original Old Tom recipe from the 1840s.

Liverpool – The unique blend of botanicals and grain spirit that makes our organic gin, have been landed for centuries on Liverpool’s bustling quayside.

Cotswolds Dry – Cotswolds Dry Gin fuses botanicals grown from within its home region’s stunning stretch of rolling hills with traditional gin ingredients.

St George Dry Rye -A rye whiskey, in gin’s clothing. Made with a base of 100% rye, the St. George Dry Rye has a marvellous malty signature, warm and spicy.

Breuckelen Glorious –Breuckelen Gin is named for Brooklyn, NY – the creative hub where the first gin distiller in the borough since Prohibition took his inspiration.

Elephant – Elephant Dry Gin is distilled in Germany using 14 botanicals that include some rather unusual but fascinating African ingredients like Baobab.

Eden Mill Hops – We’ve married brewing and distilling to produce our Hop Gin. Hops, meet our distillery’s gin to produce a zesty citrus taste and apricot aroma to enjoy.

Bobby’s Schiedam Dry – A Dutch gin which was launched in 2014, Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin features a recipe inspired by the creator’s grandfather, Bobby Alfons.

Principe De Los Apostles – Argentine mate gin distilled in German copper still with Argentine botanicals: Yerba Mate, Eucalyptus, Pink Grapefruit and peppermint.

Gin Mare –Mare is a Mediterranean gin flavoured with four principal botanicals: basil, thyme, rosemary and, most unusual of all, the Arbequina olive.

Conker – Conker is Dorset’s first gin distillery. This dry gin combines Macedonian juniper with local elderberries, samphire and gorse flowers.

Da Mhile Seaweed – Infused with handpicked seaweed from the Celtic coast.

Twisted Nose -Our contemporary dry gin distilled with ten botanicals including Hampshire watercress.

Haymans Reserve -The oldest gin distilling family in England, extra spicy notes.

Kyro Koskue –  Distilled in Finland, matured in small oak barrels.

Filliers 28 Pine Blossom -From Belgian distillers Filliers‘ comes another variation on their Dry Gin 28, this time featuring a fresh breeze of pine blossom

Jaw Box – Jawbox Gin claims to be Ireland’s first single estate gin, with the grain used to make the spirit coming from the Echlinville Estate.

Tarquins Cornish Gin – We handcraft Tarquin’s Gin and Cornish Pastis in tiny batches using a special flame-fired copper pot still in north Cornwall.

Smooth Ambler Double-Barrel Aged – It sips like a gin and finishes like a whiskey. It can be used anywhere a standard London Dry gin would be used, but is best in cocktails, like a Dirty Martini.