Gin House Variations 

 Gin House Martini — 8.75

A dry style martini perfect for the hardened gin fan with a delicate aroma of silver birch. Served to your individual specification.

Martin millers gin – Blackdown vermouth – Preferred garnish

Espresso Martini — 8.75

Using a fresh blend of cold brew coffee to achieve a spiced, warming finish, paired with rich coffee liqueur. A sophisticated after dinner indulgence.

Cream gin – Mr. Blacks Coffee Liqueur – Cold brew coffee – Chocolate bitters

Old Fashioned — 7.50

A base of gin distilled from malts called Genever, a Dutch predecessor of London dry styles common today is enhanced by dilution, bitters and sugar alternative.

Fillliers Oude Graanjenever – Aromatic leaf bitters – Stevia syrup

Bramble — 7.50 

Seville orange gin combined with fresh citrus topped with a float of tart hibiscus liqueur. An intriguing twist on a well known classic, light and refreshing.

Sacred Pink Grapefruit – Gin House Hibiscus Liqueur – Fresh citrus 

French 75 — 8.75

The clean juniper notes of gin pair romantically with locally foraged gorse flowers, an infusion which is used as the backbone of this crisp sparkling cocktail.

Gorse Flower Infused Bloom Gin – Prosecco – Fresh Citrus 

Gin Daisy — 7.50

Created using agave nectar and varieties of pollen, transferring delicate floral notes. An imitation of the iconic daisy lengthened using carbonated, fresh citrus.

Bloom gin – Pollen syrup – Gin House Lemonade 

Gin House Signatures 

 Vintage Sweet Shop Old Fashioned — 10 

 Perfectly suited to those with a sweet tooth! An enjoyable variation on the classic old fashioned, complex and fun.

 Cola Cube Infused Armagnac – Dry Sherry – Liquorice Bitters – Pear Drop Infused Sugar

Grazing Cow — 9.50 

A base spirit of Black Cow Milk vodka, smooth with subtle sour notes bought forward by the use of lactart acid. Garnished with edible grass!

 Black Cow – Rosehip and Buckwheat Cordial – Lactart Acid Solution – Egg White

Hay Burner — 9.50 

Terminology describing an olden time vehicle that consumes a lot of fuel, fitting for this variation on a classic sidecar.

 Apple Infused Brandy – Pear Liquor – Barley Malt Syrup – Fresh citrus 

Jake Walk — 11 

 “Jake Walk” Referencing a medical diagnosis caused from over consumption of ginger infused moonshine – Jake Walk focuses on a base of rum combined with notes of spice. Much less detrimental than the ‘depression’ era drinking habits!

 Spiced Rum – Sesame Amber Ale Cordial – Angostura bitters – Coconut Water – Ginger Ale


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